Maximise The Visibility Of Your Accounting Practice

The PR opportunities that come from making the awards shortlist, or even winning, will mean that your practice will be in the spotlight for the right reason.

The awards will generate a large amount of publicity, being supported by Accountex 2018, as well as have key industry and marketing professionals spreading the word. The awards process will be spanning over several months and this will be a way to raise awareness of your practice and drive traffic to your website and social media channels.

Return On Investment

Awards influence buying decisions. Boost Marketing (largest Awards entry consultancy) found that over 80% of businesses and consumers surveyed were influenced by awards, and 49% of those surveyed agreed that award-winning suppliers deliver superior services, and this was the number one factor in selecting a supplier.

Respect From Industry Peers, Prospects and Clients

Reaching the shortlist, or even winning acts as a third-party endorsement for your accounting practice. This, in turn, increases your credibility and positioning in the marketplace.

Differentiation From Your Competitors

Entering the awards is something that you can shout about, being shortlisted is a massive achievement, and winning is greater still. What will differentiate you from other firms? Winning an award will. It will give you a competitive advantage when seeking or retaining clients or speaking to joint venture opportunities.

Enable You To Raise Investment

If you are seeking investment for your firm, demonstrating that you have received recognition for your marketing as the best in your field can really help secure your case.

Clarity On What You Are Doing

Simply entering the awards will enable you to get further clarity on what you are doing with regards to your marketing and get you to look at your firm from a different perspective. You need to ensure that you stand out from the competition whether it is through innovation, growth, customer service, strategic thinking etc. Entering awards and winning awards adds value to the work you are doing and are a great indication you are heading in the right direction. If you don’t win – use the process to evaluate where you can better your activity to make a bigger impact and bring added value.

Get Feedback

These awards are judged by successful people in the accounting industry and also experts at marketing. Being shortlisted will give you the opportunity to discuss your practice with leaders in the industry. Additionally, awards attract similar businesses and are a great opportunity to forge new relationships and surround yourself with pioneering practices.

Boost Staff Morale

Awards recognise the hard work and achievements of your employees so winning one can boost staff morale and improve motivation.

Attract A Grade Talent

Being shortlisted or winning an award or two can be a great claim when you are trying to attract A Grade staff. Good staff is something that all firms want to attract, and if you are a pioneering practice and are entering and winning awards for your work, your firm is seen as a very attractive place to work.

It Feels Good When You Win

Just think how good it will feel when, on the 23rd May 2018, you proudly walk up on the stage and collect your trophy with everyone in your team that has made it happen. The joy, morale boost, and overall feeling of accomplishment is second to none. You may just feel like breaking open a bottle of bubbly!

“Winning an award can open doors in getting contracts, attracting staff and boosting morale. You will attract A Grade talent which in turn will enable your practice to thrive. Use the shortlist and win on all your promotional material, on your signage, your literature, your social media headings and on your website. You will win more than an award. You will win an opportunity to showcase how great you really are!”

Amanda C. Watts

Founder Of TwentyTwo Agency, Founder of The Pioneering Practice Programme

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