The awards will be administered by TwentyTwo Positive Ltd T/A TwentyTwo Agency  (registered company number 08922381) (“TwentyTwo”), 7 Johnsdale, Oxted, RH80BW in assoociation with Accountex. TwentyTwo Agency will be the Data Controller. DEFINITIONS Awards – British Accounting Marketing Awards.  Entrant – the person or organisation submitting an entry in the awards. Organiser/ “we”, “us”, “our” – BAMA Finalists – Entrants who are shortlisted by the Judging Panel for their category.

  1. Entering the awards
    1. Applications for the awards are to be submitted online at www.britishaccountingmarketingawards.co.uk. To begin your application, you will need to go through the step-by-step process, completing the relevant information necessary to your entry. Entries cannot be returned.
    2. When applying for the awards, you should follow the criteria on the requirements for each category as outlined on the online entry form. In regards to any data displaying the pattern of growth of earnings as evidence of commercial success, data should be auditable and able to be confirmed by an auditor’s certificate if required. If estimates are provided, particulars of the methodology used in preparing the estimates must be given. You confirm and agree that the information contained in your application is not business sensitive, proprietary or confidential information, and no intellectual property rights attach thereto. The information you provide must be independently verifiable, at your cost. Entries become the property of the Organisers.
    3. Entries should be submitted by 11.59pm on the entry deadline listed on the Awards website. Entries received after this time will not be entered into the awards.
    4. By nominating yourself, you understand and acknowledge that your attendance (or attendance by a representative) is expected at the awards ceremony, should you be short-listed as a finalist. The Organisers reserve the right to withhold any award or prize for non-attendance.
    5. The competition is open to all accounting firms, practices and sole traders operating in the United Kingdom. Entrants are only permitted to enter into each category once, but each Entrant may enter into as many categories as they so choose, provided that the entry criteria for each category is satisfied. It is the Entrant’s responsibility to ensure that they satisfy all entry requirements for the relevant categories before submitting their entry.
    6. The Entrant will take responsibility for responding to all correspondence with the Organisers and British Accounting Marketing Awards relating to this application.
    7. No responsibility will be taken by TwentyTwo, their parent or subsidiary companies or any other company associated with the awards for delayed, undelivered or mislaid entries, or entries not successfully completed due to a technical fault of any kind. Any entry which the Organisers consider in their discretion does not comply with these terms and conditions may be deemed invalid at the sole discretion of the Organiser.
    8. By submitting the application for British Accounting Marketing Awards, the Entrant will be deemed to have read and understood these rules and be bound by them. These rules include any instruction set out in the entry form, and the terms provided on the Awards/ Organiser’s website.
    9. Please note that entry copy submitted may be amended for the purposes of press and / or media releases.
  2. Once your entry is submitted
    1. All entries will be acknowledged by a confirmation email.
    2. Any entries which the Organisers or judges consider in their discretion to be incomplete entries will automatically be rejected and where the Organisers or judges consider in their discretion that an entry includes any false or misleading information within an application, they will automatically disqualify the Entrant who submitted such false or misleading information from the awards. The Organisers reserve all rights to disqualify you if your conduct is contrary to the spirit or intention of the prize competition.
    3. There will be 1 category winner chosen for each of the 5 categories listed.
    4. The Organiser reserves the right to change the judging panel or process without prior notice to the Entrants.
    5. The judges have the right to withhold an award in any category if they feel the entries are not of sufficient merit.
    6. We reserve the right to combine, rename and restructure categories at any time during the entry and judging process if the number of nominations received does not allow for a fair competition e.g. fewer than four entries.
    7. Where an Entrant is selected as a finalist; that Entrant may be asked to supply any additional financial or other information in relation to their entry. By submitting an application, Entrants consent to this information being made available to judges and third parties associated with the awards process.
    8. The judges’ decision is final and binding, no correspondence will be entered into
    9. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse to award the prize to anyone in breach of these terms and conditions.
    10. The winners from all categories will be presented with a trophy at the awards presentation.
    11. Any winner may publicise their Award provided the year in which it was won is stated. Winning or entering the Awards does not confer on you any intellectual property rights in relation to the Awards or the Organisers, which remain the property of the Organisers.
  3. Use of data and how we communicate with you
    1. If you consented to be contacted in the future TwentyTwo Agency, our approved partners and sponsors of the Awards may wish to contact you by email, mail, telephone or sms text message to let you know about any of our products, services, events or other promotions (which, in some cases may be provided by third parties) but only according to the permissions you give us;. Please select from the options on the review of your entries, your preferred method of how you would like to be contacted from time to time.
    2. You may, at any time, update and amend your preferred method(s) of communication or, opt out of receiving communications from TwentyTwo Agency by emailing info@twentytwo.agency.
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